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Welcome to The Thriving Equine by Jodi Powell

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How is my approach to horsemanship unique?

Understanding from the inside out

My clients love that I am able to meet the rider and the horse wherever they happen to be, and facilitate training and communication that makes sense to everyone. I believe it is my mission to ensure you have the knowledge and confidence to be able to have success when you return home. In fact, I will not let you leave the facility without confirmation that you feel complete and ready to go! 

I also understand how having access to your trainer directly influences your equestrian progress - that's why I try to be available to my clients. Your success is my success. I have the ability to have a phone conversation, give feedback of video footage, or give virtual lessons during your sessions. 

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All My Services

Helping You Help Your Horse


Osteopathic Sessions

My osteopathic sessions include a thorough assessment and response to each horse.



I offer training whether you want your horse to get to the next level, want to give them a good starting foundation, or feel that your horse may need more help than you have the time or skill to provide. The beauty of training is that it allows me the time to really teach and work thoroughly with you and your horse individually.



You and your horse deserve to have a relationship where you both are thriving! During a clinic, I address both the horse and rider individually, as well as blending you into the thriving team you want to be.

Together, we will create a more relaxed, balanced, supple, responsive, and ultimately, safer horse. Whether you want to trail ride, ride dressage, work cattle, or obstacle courses, this training is universal to supporting your horse to become the best they can be.


Virtual Lessons

Virtual lessons have become a popular avenue for those who are not within driving distance or want instruction on a more consistent, ongoing basis. Since I am not physically able to demonstrate or support, a prerequisite for virtual lessons is that I have worked with you before so you have a general idea of what we are doing. Although virtual lessons may seem overwhelming, it is actually fairly easy to set up.

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About Me

A little about my equestrian philosophy

I have always had a deep bond with horses, they are my peace... and yet, I believe people are the real reason I am doing what I do. Loving people through their horse journey is the most challenging, but most important aspect of my career.

I am grateful for each opportunity to honor and hold space for both the horse and rider. The ability to create a safe environment that allows the rider and horse to express themselves, while keeping everyone's wellness a priority is a must in modern horsemanship. My job isn't just a trainer, I am a facilitator, communicator, liaison, mediator, support group, and mentor. 

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Schedule for 2023

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30th - May 1st

Augusta, Maine  
Contact is Teresa @
Group Style 3 Day Clinic


12th - 14th

Hartland, Michigan
Contact is Robbie at
Private Lesson Style 3 Day Clinic



Hartland, Michigan
Osteopathic Sessions


25th - 28th

Sacramento, California  
Contact is Jackie at
Group Style 4 Day Clinic


25th - July 1st

Crawford & Cedaredge, Colorado 
Osteopathic Sessions / Lessons


8th - 9th

Middleburg, Virginia 
Contact is Alex @
Private Lessons


15th - 19th

Augusta, Maine
Contact is Teresa @
Group Style 5 Day Clinic


22nd - 24th

Pierson, Michigan 
Contact is Nicole @
Group Style 3 Day Clinic


10th - 12th

Hobbsville, North Carolina  
Private Clinic


20th - 22nd

Hartland, Michigan
Contact is Robbie @
Private Lesson Style 3 Day Clinic



Hartland, Michigan 
Osteopathic Sessions


28th - 29th

Collierville, Tennessee 
Contact is Pam at
Group Style 2 Day Clinic


3rd - 5th

Brookston, Indiana   
Contact is Colleen @
Group Style 3 Day Clinic


10th - 12th

Cave Creek, Arizona
Contact is Lynn @
Group Style 3 Day Clinic



Cave Creek, Arizona
Osteopathic Sessions


From the horse's mouth

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"Jodi brings her unique clarity and ability to her work in a way that makes the possibility of true connection and partnership with your horse a solid and safe reality. Her approach is not as much a 'how-to' as a 'why-to' and over the few days of the clinic my horse and I forged a
much deeper bond that has since continued to grow.

She reaches beneath the surface and
teaches the subtle conversation that exists between energy and intention."

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