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About Me

From my earliest memories, I have always had a love for horses. I wasn't influenced towards horses, they have always just been something I've had a deep, innocent, and joyful love towards. Horses, for me, are my safe place. They represent a space where I drop my insecurities and truly be who I am. The horses are the gift in all of this.

However, I believe that the people are the real reason I am where I am. Loving people through their horse journey is the most challenging, but most important aspect of my career. I believe I have the ability to hold space for both the horse and rider.  

I'll be the first person to admit I don't have all the answers, but I believe in searching for them.

I love the quote by Buck Brannaman, 'horses are a great vehicle for people to overcome things in their life that they might not be able to overcome otherwise.'  So whatever level you are at, or wherever you want to go, your horse is ready and waiting for you. Whether you need to work on your mental connection, emotional connection, physical connection, or spiritual connection.

Now to be able to figure out where the rider is at (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually), and where the horse is at and see where the gaps in
communication are is the fun part. I love being able to step in and be the advocate for the horse to the rider, and then also being an advocate for the rider to the horse. No rider wants to send conflicting aids. And no horse wants to buck you off for no reason. My job is to come in and figure out where the miscommunication is and clear the air for both parties.

I believe confidence comes with competence, both for the horse and the rider. So my goal is for you to not only know how you are going to communicate to your horse, but why and how your horse perceives what you are asking. I want a rider to be able to explain and communicate to their horse how to do something, whether that is an obstacle, dressage move, working a cow, etc. There is a difference in you
and your horse knowing tricks and understanding concepts on clear communication through relaxation, balance, and knowledge. Therefore when a challenge arises, you are able to explain and talk your horse through it. That is where trust between you and your horse becomes a reality.

I believe I have a gift to teach. I have a unique ability to break things down to a fundamental level to a horse or rider to be able to bring understanding. Figuring out how each rider learns and being able to cater to them in how you teach concepts is something I find intriguing. I love traveling to different places and learning about people and their horse journeys. I want them to feel just as important to me
as I feel to them. I love breaking down the barrier of elitism and just teaching with approachability and friendship.

About Me: About Me
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