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About how The Thriving Equine does things a little different.



My goal is to facilitate relaxation through balance, suppleness, and clear
communication. Relaxation is taught by training a horse to carry a rider in a correct posture that
allows them to feel more in balance and results in relaxation. Whether it is a gaited horse or
trotting horse, training by correct biomechanical principles and strengthening correct muscle
groups will encourage a horse to volunteer collection instead of forcing or holding false

Gaited horses are genetically bred to be able to gait. Therefore, if you train a gaited horse to
engage the hindquarters, they will naturally gait. You should not have to have strong
equipment to get your horse to gait.

I also need to be able to have the time to work with you as a rider while your horse is in
training. You are allowed to come in the first 30 days and watch, however, I advise that you not
ride your horse during the first month. I want training in the first month for the horse to be very
clear and consistent with the aids.

You are required to come at the end of training for a
minimum of 2-4 days. All of your lessons are included in the cost of training.
I will generally contact you via phone conversation or text once weekly with updates on how
your horse is progressing in training. Every other week I like to send you a short video on
particular things I am working on with your horse. I also make it a priority to take horses off
property while in training to trail ride. When I ride off property, I ride with a GoPro, so you will
be able to see the footage of how your horse did.


Lessons / Virtual Lessons

If you are looking for
individualized, personal attention for you and your horse, I provide hourly lessons here in
Baxter, TN. Another popular choice is to stay two or three days at the facility and take multiple lessons
per day! 

In between your lessons you are welcome to watch me work my other training horses or other
lessons that may be taking place. Here on the farm we have full hookups to service your living quarters,
or we also have a guesthouse on property that can be reserved.

Virtual lessons have also become more common lately for those who live farther away or
want instruction on a consistent basis. Since I am not physically there with you to demonstrate, a prerequisite for virtual lessons is that I have worked with you before so you have a
general idea of what we are doing. Although virtual lessons may seem overwhelming, it is actually fairly
easy to set up and doesn't require much technological skill.

For virtual lessons you will need: a device capable of Zoom calls, bluetooth
headphones, and good cell reception where the lesson will take place. Other common platforms are Pixio or Pixem systems.

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